17th December 2011
Saturday, December 17, 2011 @ 12:51 AM

Hi World!
Yeah I deleted all my posts :) Im gonna start afresh as a blogger ^^ Cos the past shall not stand in my way. Haha :) I went to Bangkok recently ^^ So yeaps! SUPER FUN :) Oh too engrossed shopping so the only time I took photos were like when we are eating or in the hotel Haha! :)

We ate Tom Yum everyday ^^ And a daily thing we do: Roam around shopping malls, looking for Cafe with free wifi before ordering Green Tea Matcha and surf fb or Whatsapp people hehe :)

1st day aeroplane flight... I was rather delighted Haha! First time the food is NOT BLAND! OMG! It is like HEAVEN. Haha :) Better than those restaurants I go to. And the food were still steaming hot ^^ The coffee cake is super nice :) Hehe ^^ Haha, enough about the food. I sound like a glutton now :P Oh last 20mins of the Plane Flight was horrible. My mum was like so intensely watching her movie on max blast while my younger sister was blasting Justin Bieber through her ear phones. Then, for some reason, I felt some kinda force, coming from the front of me :O I suspect that it is static from my metal spectacles so I took em off (Is that even possible? =.=) It did helped though, haha! But then after a while, I realised the pain was still in my eyes O_O And for some reason, it was getting worse. And before I knew it, I was like crying :( And I nudged my mum and sis every once in a while. But I was completely dao-ed. Tcheh :( Anyways, suddenly, my mum looked at me FINALLY OMG. And she was like, "Valerie, why are you crying?!" I couldn't reply cos I couldnt talk properly then and just hugged the pillow really tight and continued breathing wisely (like how the nice paramedic from the past taught me ^^) Yeppp :) But my mum was angry at me for not replying her though :/ Oh wells.

Next day can be summarized in one word: FUN! Hehe! We shopped till we drop X) Super cheap prices for super pretty clothes Haha! So worth it :) And we ate Thai Tom Yum! :)

3rd day was kinda disastrous. Hehe. Got problems aiming at us from all over the place. Oh wells. Life is like that. With its ups and downs, cant help it, so let's just embrace it Haha!

4th day was okay I guess :) It was decent shopping. Didnt buy like the 2nd day Haha!

5th day, we said Sayonara to Bangkok as we headed back to our homeland, where we belong. SINGAPORE!! ^^ hehe!

Yep! OH BTW, I got conned $30 by a cute innocent boy who said that his Grandma was dying in Malaysia and he needed money to get there asap .________. I cant believe I can be that... erms... gullible =.= Oh wells, that's just life :)

How am I feeling now? 3 words: Bored, STRESSEDDDDD and HAPPY! Hehe Why am I feeling like that? NOT TELLING YOU! HAHA ^^ That is unless you can read between the lines, literally ;)

I updated my "WANTS!! XD" and "MY PROFILE..." so yeah ^^ And erms. Btw, my music fails to work O.O I just realised. Awwww :( Taylor Swift was real nice yeah? Hehe! I will check out what's wrong next time! Lazy to fix stuff at 2.45am in the morning :) Oh wells! That shall wait. SORRY TAYLOR. I STILL LOVE YOU 4 DAYS AFTER YOUR BIRTHDAY!

Hehe! Im tired! Valerie's gonna sleep now :) Bye~~~ ♥

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If I know you well,
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Accessories :D

Anything associated with Taylor Swift ^^ (POSTER, CD, YEA NAME IT. Eh please dont give me those I alr own :3)

Contact lens *Looks at Mummy & Daddy XD*

Pats on my head! HEHE! DONT ASK ME WHY. SERIOUSLY DONT XD (And uhhhh Hitting and Patting is two different things LOL)

To watch a sunset/sunrise at a breezy and CLEAN beach X) (Wow, that is rather demanding from a patriotic Singaporean right? =.=)

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