The Reasons of the Arab-Israeli Conflict
Sunday, March 4, 2012 @ 6:25 PM

The Arab-Israeli Conflict is caused by several reasons. These can be caused by religion, wars, education, and several other reasons. All these reasons will be briefly explained in detail.

Reasons for Conflict- Wars
There were a total of 4 different wars, namely the 1948–49 War, the 1956 War, the 1967 War and the 1973–74 War.

The first war is the 1948-1949 War. In 1948, the UN, had requested for the Palestinian refugees, to leave Israel but the people were unwilling to do so. Arabs also think that Palestine was theirs and not Israeli’s and it belonged to them. The “fight for every inch of our country” approach was adopted and thus Israeli’s attempts to drive the Arabs out of their country failed. Riots began immediately when the Partition Plan was approved, and Arabs had begun to fight with the Israelis from then on.

The war after that is known as the 1956 War. It began when the British announced that they are planning to withdraw their forces from the Suez Canal. Many Israelis believed that the British had acted as a buffer between the two nations from fighting. For the reclamation of the Suez Canal, Israeli decided to launch an attack on Egypt and also to claim that piece of land for them. However, after that reclamation, Egypt wants to nationalise the Suez Canal and also to regain Western control of the canal, since Britain and France had also have plans to regain their canal, and to also remove Nasser from his powers. All these failed when the US began to pressure them and thus caused all of them to fail in their acts, and since then, the US has also remained to help prevent both sides from declaring war.

This war was followed by the 1967 War, otherwise known as “The Six-Day War”. It began when the PLO enforced a consistent policy of border attacks along the Jordanian and Lebanese borders. This brought about criticism from the Arab governments and also by the Arabs with their opinions to get the Fatah leaders to adopt “The Entanglement theory”, which involved into using sabotage to get Israel to be offensive and force the Arabs to be military prepared. This causes the escalation of the tension between the two nations, and also, claims that Israelis seized the Gaza Strip from Egypt, the “West Bank” from Jordan, and the Golan Heights from Syria in an act of aggression, which eventually began the start of the Six Day War.

The last war is the Yom Kippur War. It was an unprovoked assault on Israel by Egyptian and Syrian military forces which wanted to have a one last chance to regain ‘whatever that belonged to them’. They acted on this day so as to begin when their defenses were believed to be weak. Their attempts were also backed by all other Arab states and also the Soviet Union and therefore began to launch another attack to reach their agenda of removing the Israelis from the region and ending it for once and for all, after the 1967 war, the Arabs wanted to erase their humiliating losses against the Israelis and with interest in the Sinai oil fields that will help boost their failing economy, wanted to snatch over after the US have agreed to withdraw from Israel. As the days nears by, the drastic rises in oil had also began views that Israeli had began to bring difficulties for the West and thus, opening the chance for the Arabs to attack.

Reasons for Conflict- Blinded by Wealth
In the Arab countries where most citizens are wealthy, they felt that they have great power since they are rich and therefore, they assumed that they have the authority to use violence to try to conquer Israel.

Reasons for Conflict- Peace Accords & United Nations
The United Nations, which tried to intervene into the conflict after the British asked them for advice in 1947, actually intensified the conflict between the Arabs and the Israelis since they were biased towards the Arabs. Most of the peace accords backfired instead of helping to maintain peace. A suitable example would be the Oslo "Peace" accords. Instead of their motive, which is to stop the conflicts and restore peace between both nations, the adverse happened and the number of terror attacks against Israel increased dramatically. As such, the number of Israelis slaughtered by Arab terror bombings greatly escalated.

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